Experienced Business and
Estate Planning
Attorney in Georgia

Protecting your family and your business

Randy M. Wells Attorney at Law
Get Legal Advice for Your Family and Business in Georgia

Get Legal Advice for Your Family and Business in Georgia

Randy M. Wells Attorney at Law assists families in the areas of business law, mediation, trusts, and estate planning. We focus on the unique needs of our clients and pay individualized attention to help them resolve conflicts through a proper course of action.

Plan for the Future

We not only plan for the future, but we also know how to handle issues that may fall into gray areas. We do not leave anything to chance. We help you preserve and protect everything that you have earned.


There comes a time in the lives of most people when they need the assistance of others to help guide and advise them with difficult personal and business issues.

Our mission is to provide support in a professional and caring manner to all our clients.

Randy M. Wells Attorney at Law

Greatest Source of Support

We always strive to serve our clients in the manner that we would like to be served should we be in the client’s position. An attorney can be the greatest source of support and guidance that a person has during times that are often extremely stressful.

We have dedicated professionals to the delivery of legal services in a compassionate and ethical fashion with the best interest of our client as a primary concern.